Upcoming Shows/Events
Some of the  SAFE ZONE EBiz promoted bands are playing a series of shows in October, trying out new material in preparation for a mini-tour along the California beach towns for early next year. Brittany is incharge of the Malibu Fellowship.
We're happy to be playing at Gerry's Pizza is always there for new talent again! Gerry's' is a small place, we know, but we love the vibe, and it's a great place to work on new stuff in front of a friendly crowd.
Word of warning: Gerry's Pizza is a SAFE ZONE, so leave the animosity at home because we have God on our side. Please, stop by.
Gerry's, order something, and tell em Stefan & REACT sent you.  
Monday-Thursday.................06/01/10 Office hrs 2:00 pm - 5:30 p.m.
Friday.................................... 06/01/10 4:00 p.m.  Bike Squad  meeting
REACT OFFICE    1701 Chester Ave. Suite 224 (Corner of 17th & Chester)
Saturday (Auditions)..01/16   1:00 p.m.     1701 Chester Ave. Suite 224
Gospel CD - Ebony Heat
Hello, Faith Believers!
If you think you can look like either of these crime fighters of Ebony Heat, we'll pay you $25.00 to pose at Pioneer Village. You'll also recieve a free port folio of your work.
If you can also do a great voice over, we'll pay you an additional $75.00 dollars to be the voice on the YouTube series we are creating entitled Ebony Heat. After that you will recieve $25.00 an hour to record the voice overs.
" Gospel Singers by day, Crime Fighters by night."
These crime fighting Christians are battling demons, warlocks and principalities in high places in the fictious town of Carson City, Neveda. Armed with the truth of God and the faith to level mountains, these three college students learn about life, temptation and righteousness. Their desire is to help save their community.
AUDITIONS: God's Trombone
                   An Eventing with Cornel West
                   Opening acts
                   Gospel Choirs
                   Voice overs
Voice Over Auditions at B.C..
GOD'S TROMBONES  Starring Virgil Wilson
               Interview with Virgil Wilson
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TWILLIGHT:  Los Angeles : 1992
1706 Chester Ave,  # 224
Bakersfield Community Theater
The Empty Space
.Class Action (Teen Show Family Movies)
June 16th     1 - 4 PM
June 18th     6 - 8 PM
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 Talent Show and
Slip N Slide Listening parties. CLICK HERE
Evening with Cornel West